Top 5 Questions Parents Ask About Music Lessons

  This post was originally published on my musician website.  1. How much should my child be practicing? When learning a new instrument, consistency is the key. The instrument and the human need to bond with one another. Face muscles to build embouchure and hands need to stretch to their correct position. Learning to read music requires… Continue reading Top 5 Questions Parents Ask About Music Lessons

The timelessness of good drama

Lately, I’ve been watching vintage episodes of the classic soap opera All My Children. I know this is weird, but you do you and I’ll do me. I find comfort diving back into the past through low-definition youtube videos. The campy feeling and delightful lull of escapism seem to recharge me for daily life in… Continue reading The timelessness of good drama

Sight-read like a pro in 5 steps

This post was originally published on my musician website.  Sight-reading is the necessary and oftentimes dreaded part of auditions. Why is it so important, you might be wondering, after you’ve spent endless hours preparing music that you know? It’s not meant to throw you under the bus after you’ve worked so hard. It’s meant to… Continue reading Sight-read like a pro in 5 steps

5 ways to get a student to stick with music

This post was originally published on my musician website. Which is worse? “I used to play the flute and then I quit in sixth grade. I’ve always regretted it.” or … “I was forced to play the flute all throughout my childhood, and I hated it. I’ve never recovered from the psychological damage that ensued… Continue reading 5 ways to get a student to stick with music

Finding the Promised Land…in Egypt

Cairo was covered in a thick brown cloud of pollution. On the way to the hotel, our driver masterfully zoomed in and out of absolute chaos. “The lane lines are just for decoration,” he laughed, just dodging a pedestrian crossing the highway. Cars paid no mind to the chickens and sheep in the middle of… Continue reading Finding the Promised Land…in Egypt

Connecting with the gods

I’ve always been obsessed with Greek mythology. I even produced a concert about it. That’s why our quick trip to Greece was a life highlight. I didn’t want to just see ancient columns and eat blocks of feta cheese. I also wanted to connect with the gods. Rolling hills of trees and olive groves surround the… Continue reading Connecting with the gods


In the season of political screaming thought, I thought you could use a distraction for a few minutes. Here are some of the most significant images and thoughts from my month in China this past summer.* These are some things to meditate on. With a mask, if you so choose. “Blue” Skies I grew up in Los Angeles… Continue reading Mask-itations