In the season of political screaming thought, I thought you could use a distraction for a few minutes. Here are some of the most significant images and thoughts from my month in China this past summer.* These are some things to meditate on. With a mask, if you so choose. “Blue” Skies I grew up in Los Angeles… Continue reading Mask-itations

The Wall

The Great Wall is one of China’s “must see” sites. This was the reason why Michael and I arrived in China two days before the orchestra tour began. A few weeks after we made our travel plans, it was incorporated into the tour itinerary, much to the entire orchestra’s delight! Due to this amended schedule, Michael and I… Continue reading The Wall

32 Days in 32 Seconds

Sometimes the biggest things are explained best in the simplest of ways. At least that’s how I’m feeling at this particular moment, just barely out of my haze of jet lag. A few days ago, I arrived back home from half a world away. I spent a month in China as a guest flutist with the Denver Philharmonic… Continue reading 32 Days in 32 Seconds

Topping the Hub

The scene is as follows: It’s Friday. It’s February. And this story is Fabulous. After finishing my day at work before moving away from Boston for good, I walk out onto Huntington Avenue. The last snow flake has just fallen, and like a Hollywood-generated special effect, the clouds dissipate and the sun comes out. People… Continue reading Topping the Hub


VALUE 1: Parking is not worth paying for.   Scene: 8:00 AM in Boston’s Back Bay, Liz is on her way to work. “I WILL NOT put my car in a parking garage,” Liz says aloud, imagining you all nodding. An empty parking spot is up ahead. A smile formulates. Endorphins are ready to be released… Continue reading Values

The Good Fight

It isn’t my usual style in this medium to take on politics or big controversial world issues. But I am trying it out. After recent world events, this is my way of carefully inserting my filtered voice into the global internet shouting match. The only other time I’ve really stated political views was in conjunction… Continue reading The Good Fight